Frequently asked Questions


VOR Static Voltage Stabilizer; are  the devices of voltage control, protection and management which are microproces-sor controlled, and which have high speed semiconductor technology.
They are adjusted to the right voltage value required by indus-trial devices that are fast growing and that are becoming more sensitive; and they are designed to meet their continuous, settled and secure energy needs.

VOR Static Voltage Stabilizer, which can be produced in a very wide  input voltage interval for places where grid voltages drop or rise excessively, evalautes grid voltage decreases and increases in 0.020 seconds when the main grid voltage drops -60% or rise +%40 and corrects with 500V/sec. Speed.
By this means, your high-cost industrial devices are protected against dangerous voltage changes and also it enables your systems to work with high ef˝ciency and without interruption.


VOR  is an AC optimisation and regulation unit  which supplies continuous,safe and constant voltage to the critical industrial machines and equipments.   It adjusts the unstable grid voltage to the rate which is calculated according to the facility’s unique conditions. 

Parallel  Architecture;
VOR voltage regulators can operate in parallel, by  short-circuiting   the inputs  and the outputs . Up to 16 units connected in parallel, can run as a single unit. With the patented  “parallel voltage regulator” technology, they can maintain synchronous operation , fast and safe voltage regulation. All the units can work as a “master” with the specially developed high speed CAN BUS communication  protocole. 
There is no need for an extra unit or a device for parallel operation. If any of the regulators fails, the remaining units will continue to work in parallel without any interruption.

N+1 Redundancy;
Uninterruptable redundant full power operation with parallel connection of one more additional regulator!
If any of the regulators are shut-down for  reparing or maintenance purposes , the remaining ones will continue to supply the system.  Repaired unit can be taken online automatically without any interruption.

Scalable and Flexible Design;
Invest in your facility’s power plant step by step. With scalable and flexible VOR regulators, don’t make the procurement  according to your future plans. Just invest in your current power requirement.
At the beginning stage , you don’t need to decide the total system power or the quantity of the units. Just decide one single unit’s power rating then when you need more power , you can make an addition to the system with a new regulator.  When you need less power, you can just simply shut down one of the regulators. Manage your capacity and efficiency with scalable and flexible VORs. 

WHAT is Voltage Control and Energy Saving Units?

V-FINE Voltage Control and Energy Saving Units; are designed with the aim of decreasing annual electricity consumption of companies, considering the increasing cost of energy and the environmental damage of electricity production. They are highly efficient energy saving and voltage optimization devices. V-FINE Voltage Control and Energy Saving Units; take the unregulated electricity (coming from city mains) from which thousands of different user who have completely different properties, like factories, hospitals, public buildings, houses, farms, constructions etc, benefit at the same time and optimize it in the way proper specifically for your company and the electronic devices that you use. By this means, it enables you to use your systems at the highest productivity. Besides it helps your electric bill to stay at the lowest level. With the aim of creating solution specific for you and your company, our technical staff, who conduct two stage measurement and analysis process for both before production and post-set-up periods punctiliously, intend to decrease the cost of energy of your company at the rate of 10%-25%.


FLAT Battery Chargers are produced with microprocessor based boards and have modular structure with its electronical board design. Control and adjustment is realized with thyristor, diode bridges. System has protection system against over current, over voltage, over temperature, short circuit and peak current. In Flat serial Battery Chargers & Rectifiers an inductor capacitor filter exists at the output. Input and output terminals are in cabinet and protected by suitable fuses.


Power Craft Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are absolute solution for protecting computer systems, server, network terminals, printers, scanners, office devices such as fax and telephone exchange, photo printing machines, printer safe, barcode reader and other electronic devices against defects arising from power failures. Power Craft Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are produced by using PWM, IGBT and double conversion technologies. The Power Craft Series are advanced true On-line Sine wave devices with static transfer switch which provide reliable, regulated, conditioned AC power to sensitive equipment.


ETR Transformers are between 1 KVA - 500 KVA power range, as 1 or 3 phases being realized specially in accordance with the requests of customers as star, scott, delta and connections mono-phase or three phase. ETR transformers varnished under vacuum, in conformance with international standards. Special design transformers for industrial applications which obtain to change phase number.


Servo Voltage Stabilizer is an economical solution for operation of your electrical without any problem wherever the main supply is not trusted. Produced with high quality materials, supplies to operate under heavy duty conditions at full load with high efficiency ESV SERVO AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE STABILIZER have very wide usage area and to be used for years with reliability and without any problem.


Devices that supply your critical loads with constant voltage and frequency in places and conditions where main supply electric is not available, by converting DC voltage supplied from the battery or rectifier available in the system into 220 V AC. Products designed to be used in feeding electrical residential devices such as TV, refrigerator, computer systems, office devices such as server and printer, electric motors and electronic devices.